View some of the procedures for aesthetic dentistry in Burlington that were completed by our team at Central Burlington Dental Care.

Bonding Case

This case was an excellent example of a conservative procedure that achieved a dramatic result by simply bonding a composite resin (tooth-coloured) filling material to the teeth in order to close the spaces (diastema) between the teeth. No local anaesthetic was required for this appointment.


Non-Vital Bleaching

The dark tooth shown in the before picture had a root canal treatment years earlier and had clearly darkened over time. After a few sessions of bleaching the tooth from within, we were able to achieve an excellent result without having to prepare the tooth for a crown or veneer.


Veneer Case 1

The patient’s primary concerns were that the very thin edges of her teeth were continually chipping away and that she also had a gap between her two upper front teeth. In the before photos, it is clear that the “scalloping” of the gumline is not symmetrical when we look at the right side versus the left side. However, since the patient had a low smile line (i.e. did not show a lot of gum when she smiled), this was not a factor in the final aesthetics of the case.


Veneer Case 2

This patient was involved in an accident when she was younger and chipped the two upper incisors. Composite resin fillings were placed; however, the fillings repeatedly chipped and/or stained with time. In this case, two porcelain veneers were placed on the central incisors to give an incredibly pleasing, yet durable restoration.


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